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Build a 25 Lakhs+ per annum career


Pramod Mitta

has build a 50 Lakh pa



Prem Coelho

has built a 30 lakh per annum revenue

Ashwin Raiturkar.png

Ashwin Raiturkar

has built a 75 lakhs per annum revenue

Introducing the

Image by Luke Chesser

Wedding Photography

Business Program

Where you'll learn

# How to build a photography business without ever shooting anything

# How to consistently get clients in any part of the country

# How and where to source an entire library of wedding photos to create your readymade portfolio

# How to manage everything remotely

# How to start earning (big!) in your first month itself

Why should you join?

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Here's what we teach you in
4 days,
2 hours per session.

Teach you all about the wedding photography market & Learn how to build your online presence.

Give you exact blueprint to find high paying clients and convert them.

Give you exact blueprint of how to manage a shoot project from start to finish.

Teach you the best business practices on branding, networking and growth.

Click now to take the

special offer.

Rs.10,000 499 Only.

Questions? Here are the answers to some of 
the core questions we get

" Who is this program for?"

" Do I need any photography skills? Or ever shoot anything? "

" I dont have any portfolio/pictures with me. Where will i get such pictures to show to potential clients? How will I build my online presence? "

Look, seasoned photography firms do more
than 1 Cr revenue each year. Easily.
Here's how

No of Weddings shot annually : 40 to 60
Average Package Range : Rs. 2 to 3 Lakhs

How do we know?

Because we have been running one 
of the most successful
wedding photography
business since the last 10 years.

Limited Period Offer.

Limited Seats Left.

Rs.10,000 499 Only.

Meet your instructor
The course is taught by Saketesh Mohapatra, co-founder of Fotografia9, one of the most successful wedding photography firm in the country and now The Lighthouse Academy. Featured in various platforms, publications over the years plus numerous mentions globally.

Featured in

Taj Wedding Studio by Taj Hotels

Panel Speaker, Taj Wedding Studio Launch, Taj Hotels.

Feautured in Brand Equty , Economic Times

Expert Opinion, Brand Equity,
Economic Times

best wedding photographer featured in NDTV Band Bajaa Bride 4 times.
candid wedding photographer in India featured multiple times in NDTV shows

Featured 4 times on popular reality show Band Baajaa Bride over 4 years on NDTV.

And many, many more....

featured as the best candid wedding photographer in Wedding Vows, a national magazine.
featured in Smart Photography magazine as the top candid wedding photography team in India.
Featured in DNA newspaper that we are the best wedding photographers in the country.
Vogue Magazine

We have shot weddings across the globe.


Most importantly, generated over Rs. 3 Cr revenue per annum  consistently in wedding photography  since the last 4 years.

And now, we are teaching + empowering others on their dream journey!

Kunal Malusare.jpg

Kunal Malusare

has built a 1 Cr per annum revenue

Check his website here


Vaibhav Khandait

has built a 40 lakh revenue per annum.

Check his website here

Ajay  Upadhyay.jpg

Ajay Upadhyay

has built a 50 lakh per annum revenue.

Check his website here


Pramod Mitta

has build a 50 Lakh pa


Check his website here


Prem Coelho

has built a 30 lakh per annum revenue

Check his website here

Ashwin Raiturkar.png

Ashwin Raiturkar

has built a 75 lakhs per annum revenue

Check his page here

Rs.8000 499 Only.

Join today and
Unlock these bonuses worth

# 1  No Code Website Building 101
Rs. 3,999 FREE

  • Complete guide to building beautiful websites without any code or technical knowledge

  • Get the ability to build websites in a single day!

# 2 - SEO Hacks 101
Rs. 1,999 FREE

Image by Merakist
  • Learn the basics to advanced concepts of generating organic traffic using SEO Hacks

# 3 - FB&IG Ads
Lead Gen Strategy 2022
Rs. 1,999 FREE

Image by Alexander Shatov
  • Learn the Omni Presence + Leads strategy for Facebook and Instagram that we have used to generate consistently extraordinary leads & results

"To achieve your dreams,
one has to wake up first"

How we went from doing 20 Lakhs annually
to over 3 Crores per annum.

In 2014, 3 years since we started our photography journey, we were still not able to break beyond a limited amount of revenue or rather , profit in our pockets.

We realised that trying to do everything ourselves will NEVER
let us achieve our financial dreams.

So we started reaching out to verified professional freelancers who were just as talented and equally devoted to the craft of wedding photography, and started taking weddings where we ourselves never needed to be present.

By 2018, we were shooting 60 weddings each year, but were personally attending only 5-6.

Everything else was managed entirely by our team of freelancers.

That's when we realised that we can teach our business and help others to realise their dreams as well.

So we started incubating a lot of young photographers, young professionals who went on to become major wedding photo studios with crores of revenues & we were really  satisfied with our endeavor.

After COVID, we decided to formalise our teaching efforts in to an academy, called The Lighthouse Academy for Creative Careers, where we could teach and guide people of all ages, statures, financial situations to follow their passions and create substantial wealth in the process.

The Wedding Photography Business Program is built to create rupee millionaires in short periods, while ensuring the very best of outputs + memories for the clients that our participants get. We have a vision of training more than 1 lakh participants to achieve their dreams through their own wedding photography firms. And while we have many students enrolled as well as doing extremely well, we still want to reach out to as many people as possible.

Hence we decided to significantly reduce our course cost , from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 499 so that we can get as many people enrolled and committed to creating wealth for themselves.

Rs.10,000 499 Only.

Rs.10,000 499 Only.

Still unsure?

Here's the guarantee.

If you do not make Rs. 25 lakhs in the first year of your starting your own wedding photography brand, we will refund your sum to you .

The Lighthouse Academy & Fotografia9 are copyright & IP of MJS Media Services LLP. All mentions of other brands here belong to their respective owners. The Wedding Photography Business Program is an education initiative, not a guarantee of income, nor a get-rich-quick scheme. The program is based on real life practices, experiences of its instructors and is designed to create an income stream, but is based only and only on the understanding efforts of the participants and does not automatically generate  any income.

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