Program Highlights

Online Classes. Learn from home.

No prior knowledge required. Start from zero.

Minimal investment  & High ROI

Build a successful business in your first year

Monthly mentoring session for 12 months post course.

Find and convert clients in any city.

Program Description

Wedding photography as a business has grown in to a mammoth industry in India at an estimated size of $3 to $5 billion. However, with the exception of the top 5% of the industry, most studios are organised poorly with outdated structures and practices, thereby creating a large need gap for modern studios that are professionally run and produce world class outputs. 

This program aims to create fresh, ambitious entrepreneurs in this industry and arm them with the fundamentals to advanced concepts, strategies and practical knowledge which are needed to develop a highly profitable wedding photography studio for this new decade.

Program participants will learn how to

- Build and grow their brand from scratch.

- Find and manage the right team of photographers, videographers, editors and other critical vendors.

- Learn the science and art of luxury sales & service.

- Begin a highly rewarding and satisfying career.

Program Flow
6 Sections | 23 Sessions | 4 Weeks | 90 Minutes Live Daily

1 Session

Understand different approaches for wedding photography and film.

Understand the competitive landscape of the industry in this Covid era.


8 sessions

Learn how to build a no-code , beautiful photography website with active SEO.

Building a large relevant audience using various social media options.

Build client delivery mechanisms offline & online.

costs, pricing & targets

2 sessions

Learn all costs involved involved in building & managing the business.

Finalise your pricing based on internal costs & external factors.

Build your target based on costs, market conditions and self evaluation.

SAles process - finding clients

4 sessions

Learn where & how to find clients on social media platforms.

Learn the most effective FB/IG/Linkedin Ad strategy that brings in regular potential clients.

Learn onsite SEO for your website to rank high on google search.

SAles process - pitch & CONVERSION

4 sessions

Learn the process of pitching through email, message and phone calls.

Client meeting preparations.

Pitching in a client meeting.

Follow up & closing the deal.

business management 

3 sessions

Learn Best Practices.

Learn about networking and market practices.

Understand methods to grow a countrywide recognised brand.

Frequently asked questions

What is the program duration?

The program duation is for 4 weeks + 3 Months Mentorship. Sessions are done daily for 90 minutes.

What is the mode of teaching?

The program is taught entirely on Zoom & Google Meet.

What is the language of teaching

The program is taught in English and Hindi both.

Who is the faculty?

The program is taught by Saketesh Mohapatra, cofounder of Fotografia9, one of the leading wedding photography firms in India with over 400 weddings shot across the world.

I don't know anything about photography. Can I join?

There is no pre-requisite of knowing photography to start a successful wedding photography business. You must be : - Over 18 years of age. - Willing to learn and work hard. - Have basic knowledge of computers.

I already have a wedding photography business. Can I join?

For entrepreneurs with existing wedding photography business who are looking to scale their numbers, there is a different program called the Wedding Photography Business Success program. Please whatsapp Saketesh@9167460298 to know more.

Is this industry competitive and will I succeed in creating a career here?

There are a ton of wedding photography studios everywhere, and deservingly so - the industry is resilient despite the pandemic and is ready to come back on the path of high growth. As a participant in the program, you will have access to the business knowledge of how to procure and convert high paying clients known to the top 1% of the studios in the country. Our revenue estimates of INR 50 Lakhs are conservative. A successful wedding photography studio does revenues of anywhere between 1 to 2 Cr annually with over 50 to 60 weddings shot each year.

Why do you have a base fee and a commission fee?

The base, upfront fee is Rs. 10,000 + GST. Upon completion of 1 year from the end of the program date, we charge a commission of 5% on total recorded revenue of that year. The commission is charged for the following reasons : - Reduce the upfront fee to allow equal opportunities for all sections of students. - Charge the largest chunk of fee only once our students achieve success.

Program Cost

Upfront Fee - Rs. 11,800.
Commission Fee - 5% of 1st 
                         year Revenue

- Program Fee is inclusive of taxes.

Success Stories


Pramod Mitta


Prem Coelho

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Kunal Malusare




Ajay Upadhyay


Goldy Khandait

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Wedding photography is a respectable, highly sought after career in India now, at an estimated 3-5 Billion USD.  Most studios in tier I cities do over Rs.50 lakhs and higher revenue per annum with 20 to 30% net margins.


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