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Pre Wedding Shoot of P+K | Jaipur

P & K are travel influencers and content creators. After having traveled the country, they wanted to have their pre wedding photo shoot done in the place that they had fallen in love with, which was Jaipur. This couple shoot was planned for a day and a half, covering 4 beautiful locations in and around Jaipur. One part of our crew was a Jaipur resident, so it helped massively in understanding how to schedule and manage the logistics of the shoot, which included getting the shoot permissions as well as the exact locations.

These locations included :

- Jai Mahal in the morning

- Gaitor & City Centre in the afternoon

- Sambhal Lake ( around 1.5 hours drive from Jaipur) in the evening. Photoshoot Details : Number of days - 1 Full Day Costumes - 4 Location - Jaipur, multiple locations.

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