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Get access

to beautiful

pictures &films

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Get access to premium and luxury image galleries of multiple weddings + various types of wedding films, including teasers, trailers & full films.

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high budget

clients anywhere

Get premium clients in any city

using these premium images and 


5x your



Having premium galleries on your website and social media allows

you to charge a premium to your clients. Stop charging minimum numbers and start charging & converting premium budgets.

What is the first question you get when pitching to a big budget Client?

"Please show some work that you have done before."

"Pehla aisa kaam kiya hai toh dikhao"

"Please share your destination shoot profile"

It is no secret that to attract big budget clients, you need to show them work which is relevant to them. Work which is shot in premium destinations, hotels and locations. Without which it is is almost impossible to get the project unless you give a massive discount or add in a lot of freebies.

That is, until now. 

With Fotografia9's image franchise offer, now you can get licensed access for select high budget wedding images and videos from Fotografia9's library and show it to your potential clients.

About Fotografia9

Fotografia9 is a premium wedding photography firm based out of Mumbai established since 2012. Having shot hundreds of weddings across various destinations and countries, includin

International destinations such as : London, Bahrain, Perth, Rayong, Dubai, Malta & more

Indian destinations including Udaipur, Jaipur, Goa, Mahabalipuram, Kovalam & many more

We are excited to bring our opportunities to you by offering an Image Franchise.

Why take our image franchise?

As a wedding photography & film firm, if you face the following challenges :

- Low to mid level budget weddings

- Lack of a proper portfolio to showcase

- Lack of destination weddings

- Less number of queries

- Hard bargaining by low budget clients

then you can change all this by applying for our Image Franchise.

Image franchisee is an offer where you can get access to Fotografia9's library of premium images & films which you can showcase on your social media + website and generate massive leads + revenue. Having a portfolio filled with beautiful images and videos ensures that there is a regular stream of high budget clients enquiring with you for their wedding.

What you get :

1. Download photos & videos : Access to Fotografia9's photos and videos

International Destination Weddings + Indian Destination Weddings

that you can download and use on your social media + website. Check some of them here :

Photos | Videos

2. Lead Generation Workshop : Learn how to generate a continuous, large number of good quality leads using the single most effective social media ad strategy used by us over the last 7 years, taught in a 2 hour live online class.

Slots given as per availability.

3. Business Process Evaluation + Sales Growth Plan : 1 to 1 Evaluation of existing business processes with possible solutions/suggestions. 


Subscription Options

1 Year Plan

Rs. 30,000 plus taxes


3 Year Plan

Rs. 50,000 plus taxes

(Save Rs. 10,000 with

this option)


5 Year Plan

Rs. 1,00,000 plus taxes

( Save Rs. 50,000 

with this option)


Important to know

While purchasing our franchisee, it is important to know the following parts that you can read in the franchise agreement also :

- Images/ Videos can be used only on your own use including your social media pages & at client meetings.

- Images/Videos cannot be used on any other social media page of any third party website/vendor for any purpose , for eg. weddingsutra /wedmegood/ weddingwire etc. 

Read the full franchisee agreement here :


Mail us at or reach out to us through whatsapp : 9167460298

& we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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